Justice and Life for Sonali Mukherjee, The Acid Attack Victim

Started Sun, 2012-07-15 by SonaliMukherjee
Addressed To: Dr. Manmohan Singh, The Prime Minister of India (+3 others)
  • Pratibha Patil, The President of India
  • Sheila Dikshit, The Chief Minister of Delhi
  • Arjun Munda, The Chief Minister of Jharkhand
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On April 22, 2003, I, Sonali Mukherjee, was severely injured in an acid attack, that left me with a burnt face, burnt body, blind and partially deaf. I was just 17-years-old then. Three assailants – Tapas Mitra, Sanjay Paswan, and Bhrahmadev Hajra, our neighbors in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, poured acid on me while I slept. Before I could realize I felt as if my body was on fire and I collapsed.

They punished me because I dared to complain against their eve teasing. When I warned them, they told me I was haughty and proud about my looks. They said they will ruin my face beyond recognition. And when that did not deter me, they carried through their threat and you can see the consequences.

The accused were immediately taken into custody, but were released on bail in 2006. My father and I approached the high court, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, MPs and various other authorities for justice, but no one listened. Since then, they are roaming scot-free. For 9-years we have been fighting a case against them and requesting the authorites to cancel their bail, but no success has come our way yet.

I am in extreme pain since the incident and don't have the capacity to withhold it anymore - neither the money nor the hope. My father, Chandi Das Mukherjee, has spent everything we had to keep me alive – land, jewellery, everything! My treatment has already cost us 12-15 lakhs, as a result of which we owe a lot of money to our relatives. The medical authorities require another 10-15 lakhs for my further treatment. Additionally, substantial amount of money has been spent on the court cases.

Sonali Mukherjee

Therefore, I demand either justice and help in treatment or permission to end my life. If there is any possibility of getting my rightful life back, then please help me by signing this plea of mine to the prime leaders of this country.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION and help me get justice and means to live the remaining part of my life without pain and agony.


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Please forward to as many people as possible. I need all the support I can get.

I need help from my fellow citizens to regain the confidence in the judicial system of this country. My struggle of 9 years with no success or hope has left me with no option but to demand permission to end to my life.

If the authorities and judicial systems are in place to dispense justice, then why are the accused - Tapas Mitra, Sanjay Paswan, and Bhrahmadev Hajra - not behind bars? Why wasn’t I given rightful justice in 2003 and means to get my treatment done on time? Why did I waste 9 years of my precious lifespan that I could have used to rebuild my life? Why do I have to convince my own countrymen that injustice was done to me?

Today, I seek your help and support to get my rights back, or permission to end my life.

Therefore, I would like to put forth the following demands

  1. Custody, conviction, punishment and penalty for the accused - Tapas Mitra, Sanjay Paswan, and Bhrahmadev Hajra, and in turn, cancellation of their bail with immediate effect
  2. Reimbursement of Rs 15 lakhs spent by my father in court cases and my treatment. Added compensation to help us repay our loans.
  3. Compensation of 10-15 lakhs for my further treatment
  4. Means of earning livelihood or a steady source of income for me and my father.

I urge you to respond to our concerns and demands at earliest. Our judiciary will have to come forward and reinstill my faith in the system.

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  • Update #1: A much stronger Sonali

    1 Nov 2012 - 10:55

  • Update #2: Your signature made a world of difference

    29 Aug 2012 - 20:10

    Sonali Mukherjee, who had been pleading for euthanasia a month back, is now looking forward to living her life with new found strength. She was denied justice for a long time and was living everyday with bare minimum. But the petition spread awareness amongst the masses and Sonali's issue was directed to the far reaching corners of the world.

    4,613 signatures received in just 21 days!

    The petition was signed by a total of 4,613 people, across the globe, and that number includes you, too! 

    People took note of the severity of her conditon. Many have come forward to her aid, mostly being doctors and lawyers who are willing to support her and render their services for a good cause. Things are now looking better for Sonali, with every passing day.

    Desired help achieved.

    This petition helped Sonali in raising a substantial amount of money and still continues to do so. She has also received help in the form of treatment and is currently being treated medically. She is now in a much better position than she was before the petition, as many have reached out to her aid, thus making it possible for her to hope for a future sans despair.

    People unite for Sonali.

    This instance signifies the importance of a collective effort that a petition captures and the power of intitiating a change via the same. Hence, we would urge you and everybody to use the platform to help those in need and bring to limelight socially ignored issues.

Anita  Bhatia


Anita  Bhatia

I hope and Pray that Sonali gets justice as soon as possible and the culprits must be severely punished. Come on everyone Open your eyes. Is there no law that would help this poor girl?? where is the Justice gone??

shilpi goel

I sign this petition coz i want this girl to have justice.and plzzzzzzzz stop ignoring peoples who relly need ur helf.our law isrequestes by me n many more to plz give her justice.

Dilip Das

The judge who bailed the culprit also to be punished.


No justice in India,...........I am ashamed to be an Indian.


Please help her by punishing those culprits or else give them same treatment by pouring acid on their face. then they will understand.


In the name of Justice.............

khemlata sahu

we should definitely help her ,

khemlata sahu

we should definitely help her ,

khemlata sahu

we should definetely help her ,

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