Pledge for a Green Diwali

Started Thu, 2012-10-18 by milaapdotorg
Addressed To: Citizens Of India
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Let's PLEDGE for a Green Diwali this season and experience the joy of giving with Milaap! Light up lives and not crackers!

You can be a part of this joy-giving by signing this petition. For every signature you add to this petition, Arc Finance is generous enough to lend Rs. 10 to us for the Solar Project. We are targetting at least 20,000 signatures so that we can raise at least Rs. 200,000 for the poor.

Diwali is the festival of lights which lays emphasis on sharing and giving as Lord Rama started this out to be. Let's do our bit towards spreading joy by joining the movement. Pledge today that you would not burn your money on loud and noisy crackers that do only harm to all. 

The Solar Lighting project is aimed at providing electricity to 1500 poor households in villages in West Bengal, that are off the power grids of this country. They rely on kerosene lamps for lighting after sun-set.

Save the money you would want to spend on crackers and contribute for this project and help light-up lives of these poor for life. Take this pledge today and join the mass movement supporting green diwali and joy of giving!

Celebrate your Diwali with Milaap, and this way you would contribute to your country in two ways - one is providing light to homes of the underprivileged and two, reducing air and noise pollution.

If you have signed, make your contribution for the project here! You can contribute as little as Rs. 100. Every rupee you contribute will be paid to you back once the borrower repays his/her money.

Share This Petition With As Many People You Can. Lets Make India Green This Diwali.

      Changing Lives Through Access to Finance for Clean Energy and Water

Established in 2008, Arc Finance is a global non-profit that brings together practitioners, funders, pro-poor enterprises, and end-users to develop solutions for access to finance for clean energy and water.

We at Milaap, invite you to celebrate Green Diwali and lend a helping hand to the poor. This Diwali, say NO to Fire Crackers and save the money for some good. Contribute this money for the Solar Project in West Bengal and bring lights, joy and happiness in the lives of poor. The money that you lend will be given as a loan to those who rely on kerosene lamps for lighting after sun-set. With Milaap, you will help providing solar lights to 1500 families in rural villages of West Bengal. 

We should take this pledge because

  1. Our fun for 2-3 hours is at the cost of serious health hazards exposed to children and women in cracker industries
  2. Pollution is at an all-time high and is causing serious imbalances in our environment. Bursting crackers on ONE day had adverse effects that stay in our atmosphere for years.
  3. The Noise pollution it creates seriously impacts our wildlife.

So, join hands with Milaap and minimize use of firecrackers this Diwali. Lets light up lives and not crackers. 

Share and encourage your freinds and family to sign and contribute for the noble cause this Diwali. Lets work for a greener tomorrow!

Let's Celebrate Green Diwali together through this movement and bring light to someone in need. Let's give light, share some sweets and say NO to crackers.

Thanking You,

Team Milaap

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Paper tickets should be avoided in buses also...


Avoid paper ticket print, Save Trees

k ganesh kumar

this is a lovely mission to power india. There could be a hundred abdul kalams in those villages. Lets join this campaign and lighten up india this diwali!!!


This is wonderful job keep it up


Green is the most beautiful and the safest colour . Preserve foliage .

venkatraman sharma

i am distributor of solar lantern is there anybody to distribut

Anoj Viswanathan

Green Diwali!

Feel or have a thought for this, why not suggest an idea that might be of help towards the topic.
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